Slices of History - THE ABSENT DIMENSION

Slices of History – THE ABSENT DIMENSION

The Absent Dimension is the second collection of rings under the project Slices of History and it is inspired by the vast production of rapid prototyping.

The ring is a common piece of jewelry that has been produced in many different versions throughout history. The iconic diamond ring or a less iconic but equally valuable Cartier ring have always startled me. The ring of all the types of jewelry has always been my favorite one. Slices of History is a project that attempts to underline this diversity. Every ring is based on an outline figure of an existing ring, old or new, cheap or excessively expensive, traditional or contemporary, here they all become equal. Apart from the economic value though, the great respect for the art of goldsmithing and the jewelry industry were the most important factors for this project. Known or unknown rings, bare a historic value and each collection of the project is an attempt to capture this history or just a slice of it.

Slices of History started in 2008 and is an ongoing project.

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Photo Credits: Aliki Stroumbouli